11 Kid Friendly Snack Hacks That Make Healthy Eating Fun

Dated: 04/30/2016

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11 Kid-Friendly Snack Hacks That Make Healthy Eating Fun

Sometimes it’s okay to play with your food — especially if it encourages the kiddos to enjoy healthy treats. Use colorful fruits and vegetables to make flowers, butterflies and rainbows the little ones will love, or create healthier twists on classic favorites like pizza and popsicles.

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Frozen Fruit Sundae Cones

Spoon frozen mixed berries into small cones for a fun twist on the traditional ice cream cone. Top with whipped cream and a cherry for a hand-held sundae boasting healthy and colorful ingredients.

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Bell Pepper Rainbows With Sunshine Sauce

Brighten up even the cloudiest of days by serving your little ones bell pepper rainbow dippers and cauliflower clouds with honey-mustard sunshine sauce. This sweet skyline is sure to put a smile on their faces.

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Cheesy Umbrellas

Slice a Mini Babybel cheese round in half (leave the wax coating on until you’re ready to eat) and insert part of a flexible straw into the cut side to create adorable edible umbrellas. Add cauliflower clouds and raindrops to your plate to create a rainy day scene. Want to really be singing in the rain? Vary your “umbrella” colors with green, turquoise and purple by choosing different flavors of cheese. 

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