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Image titleUnless you’ve been trapped in a Pokeball for the last few days you’ve probably heard about the latest anime game craze – Pokemon Go. This Mobile version of Nintendo’s classic “catch, train, fight and trade” cartoon and card game is taking the world by storm. The game uses GPS mapping and cell phone cameras to spawn fictitious creatures, which players then “capture” on their phones, train and use to compete against fellow gamers.

Pokemon Go went live on July 6 but players are already mapping out the best real-world locations to find characters, stock up on supplies and battle other users. Locations like New York City’s Central Park and the area in front of the White House have been swarming with Pokemon “trainers” for the last week, but Arizona hasn’t been left out of the madness. Here are some of the best places to play Pokemon Go in the Grand Canyon State right now.

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Scudder Park in Tempe is apparently crawling with a fox-like Pokemon known as a vulpix. The city itself even acknowledged this using its official Twitter account. Additionally, Tempe Town Lake is the planned site of a Pokemon Go meet-up on July 2

Image titleThe Phoenix Zoo has become a Pokemon Go hot spot, as have many parks and lakes within the state. The game’s creators programmed the app to work in tandem with live maps so areas that have natural water sources, greenery or live animals are prime locations to hunt for your next Pokemon.

Fountain Hills in Maricopa County has generated a lot of buzz as users have been reporting that the area is full of Pokestops (areas to stock up on game-related gear) and Pokemon gyms (areas where players can challenge one another to competitions).

Gamers in the Tucson area you might want to head to Costco on Grant Road for bulk captures. Players have reported finding at least half a dozen different species in this vicinity.

If you’re close to one of Arizona’s many universities take some time to wander the campus, as you’ll encounter a wide variety of Pokemon characters as well as a multitude of fellow gamers.

Chances are there are some valuable Pokemon near you, as well as Pokestops in gyms. Residents in rural areas might have a tougher time getting around but that could work in their favor since players are less likely to visit such areas. Wherever you go hunting for Pokemon it’s important to stay aware of your surroundings to avoid getting injured, and as the Phoenix Police Department so eloquently stated on Facebook, “Charizard is NOT a valid excuse for trespassing!”

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