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Dated: November 2 2016

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Don’t let your executives get sidetracked with the mechanics of moving

We handle corporate relocations for companies, non-profits, and government agencies in Arizona to create stress-free transitions for both the employees and their families. From C-level executives to junior engineers, relocating should be about boosting productivity, not weighing down new or relocating employees with the complexities of buying a new home.

We take the headaches out of relocation.

At TM Realty we enjoy introducing new residents to our great state. With many misconceptions about our climate, culture and economics in Arizona, our team is there to professionally answer important questions about the cost of living, summer heat, our business landscape and most importantly overcoming the fear of scorpions! As residents of the East Valley we are also knowledgeable advocates of commerce in our area and active stewards for our continued business expansion, high-tech job growth and innovation.

Not all Realtors are equal.

With over 40,000 real estate agents in Arizona the vast majority conduct only 2 to 3 transactions per year. In many cases an agent can have a large impact on an employee’s decision to relocate. Complications with their new home or the home buying process can quickly sour perceptions and turn an exciting new chapter in life into disappointment.

We go the extra mile.

At TM Realty we take every step necessary to ensure a premium relocation experience.

  • Free Car Service – Airport pick-up and delivery, transportation to home viewings, and even a ride to the office

  • Trip Planning – Total visit coordination from hotel and dinner reservations to travel tours and golf trips

  • Home Buying and Selling Strategy – Getting the right home at the right price matters. Executives move frequently so selling a home fast to avoid paying on two mortgages is a major stress reducer

  • Trusted Fiduciary – There are many challenges to buying homes in Arizona including expansive soil, pest intrusion and flood zones require careful review of contracts and disclosures

  • Corporate Advocate – We are here to ensure a smooth transition and guarantee you and your valued employees satisfaction

About Brandon Tague and Tyler Monsen

Both former business executives, Brandon Tague and Tyler Monsen have worked extensively with C-suite executives, professional athletes and A-list Hollywood talent.

Brandon Tague was an advertising executive for over 20 years working on behalf of top brands such as SONY, eBay, DISH Network and Disney to name a few. Brandon has received over 16 national awards for excellence in advertising and has worked with top corporate CEO’s and CMO’s providing strategic brand strategy and insights. Brandon spent the last 10 years of his professional career as a digital marketer and is still considered a top innovator in demand generation.

Tyler Monsen was also a corporate executive working for the University of Phoenix and InfusionSoft, a local East Valley tech company. Tyler is an expert in Marketing automation systems and manages our proprietary digital platforms. Tyler is also a former PGA Tour golfer and speaks fluent Japanese.   

>>> For more information call Brandon Tague at (480) 322-3392 or email

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Donette Monsen

About TM Realty Group: TM Realty Group is centered around Families. As a Family run business we understand what it means to work together through the Great and Tough times. We have over 45+ years....

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