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Dated: December 7 2016

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Stupid, lazy, dime-a-dozen is how most people think of Realtors. The truth is that in many cases those descriptions are completely accurate. Let’s face it, Realtors barely rank higher than used car salesmen and telemarketers, yet these “idiot real estate agents” are totally responsible for guiding YOU through the what is usually the largest purchase decisions you make in your lifetime. I mean what could go wrong with a $450,000 transaction, right? It’s staggering to see how often absolutely terrific agents are left at the alter after dozens of hours of work and usually for a friend with a license or a slick agent with a silly promotion that creates the illusion that you’ve saved a few bucks or got a free HDTV.

So, you would think by the way I started this article that I’m going to lay down a long sob story about the challenges of being a Realtor. Actually, the opposite is true. I want to explain exactly why I became a Realtor and how I hope you will find that choosing an agent with a high-degree of business acumen is not only smart, it could literally save you from a catastrophic financial event.

When I voluntarily quit my job as an advertising executive I left behind a lucrative career working with top global brands and jet-setting across the country to work with high-powered CEO’s, CTO’s and CMO’s. For over 20 years I negotiated complex contracts, built enterprise websites and customer relationship management (CRM) systems to drive millions of dollars of revenue for corporations. With each client holding myself and the companies I worked for to an exacting standard of service, where even the most minor oversight could put hundreds of thousands of dollars at risk, failure was simply not an option. Additionally, every client had to be delighted along the way or they would certainly leave us for a competitor. Interestingly enough, real estate is very similar. The main difference being that as an executive we had a contract in place defining the relationship and we’re being paid along the way. As a Realtor…yeah, not so much.

Unfortunately, for many Realtors they don’t have my type of business background to fall back on. Buying real estate requires careful coordination of lending, inspections, contracts and most importantly negotiation skills to be successful on your behalf. That’s why it’s absolutely crushing to have a client leave willy-nilly for a friend or relative. Home owners are usually the most casual about selling their home with any ol’ agent, not realizing that pricing your home just 15% over market price cuts your buyer pool by 80%. Failing to sell within a few weeks severely stigmatizes a property to Realtors and showings usually plummet thereafter. Not to mention, the other critical “do’s-and-dont’s.” If a house isn’t moving agents assume that there must be something wrong with it, so why bother taking a buyer to go see it? Sellers are so eager to get top dollar for their home they almost always go with the agent that recommends the highest listing price. On the buyer side, shoppers frequently react emotionally when the find a home that they love and timid agents stand idly by while they significantly overpay. You don’t even want to know what overpaying just $5,000 costs you in interest over ten years.

I became a Realtor for two reasons; #1 Family, #2 Consulting. While I was a hot-shot working with famous actors and athletes and putting in 60-hour work weeks to hit one critical deadline after another, I actually missed the first week of my son’s life while traveling on business, and the first two years of my daughters’ life leaving for work at 4:45am in the morning and getting home after her bed time. Not to mention the insane stress of it all. My son is eleven now, and I just attended one of his school events for the first time this year. He played the lion in The Wizard of Oz. That’s why I wanted a job that would let me feel like the other dad’s in the neighborhood and be a part of my kids’ life. I also wanted to meet and help good people. I love absolutely love the thrill of making people happy and knowing they appreciate the hard work. However, being a Realtor is a huge blow to the human ego and self-esteem when you’re getting treated as a disposable dirt bag. Regardless, being a Realtor is an amazing career. Doing it full time is a major grind and expensive, and money flies out the door for access to the MLS database, licensing, continuing education, travel, buying meals and the big one, advertising. Even with all that, I wouldn’t trade it for the world.

Hopefully, this helps you get to know me a little better! I love my job as a Realtor. If you want a smart, dedicated fiduciary to guide you through the home buying or selling process, I would be honored to take the journey with you!

- Brandon Tague 

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